5 Kickass motorcycling feature films every biker should watch

For many of us, riding our motorcycles and watching movies go hand in hand. Personally for me, the only thing which gets close to getting the same kind of kick as hitting the highway is by watching a soul touching movie. And if the movie is about motorcycles then it is a “sone pe suhaga” situation. Sadly though, in most cases, motorcycles are used merely as a prop in movies. However, there are some Kickass movies which every biker MUST watch. Here goes –

  1. Easy Rider – Often credited as the original motorcycles adventure movie, this 1969 classic still has the ability to inspire you to hit the road right after watching it! One of the first movies about cross-country motorcycle tripping, this movie is old school motorcycling at its best. It is one of the first movies which celebrates biking brotherhood and the joy of the open road which makes you watch it again and again. Who doesn’t have “Born to be wild” in their “roadtrip playlist”.


  1. One week – This relatively unknown Canadian film is a heart touching story about Ben Tyler (played by Joshua Jackson) who discovers that he is diagnosed with cancer and needs immediate treatment. Instead, he heads on a motorcycle roadtrip across Canada and rejuvenates his relationship with his fiancé and fulfils his dream to be a writer. This movie is perfect for a laidback Sunday evening and the stunning Canadian backdrop makes it worth a repeat watch. Don’t trust me? Watch this 2 and half minute trailer and decide for yourself.
  1. The world’s fastest Indian – The movie with the most “feel good” factor among all the movies in this list, The World’s Fastest Indian is a perfect example of never giving up on your dreams and striving to make them happen irrespective of all the challenges faced. The movie is based on the legendary kiwi biker “Burt Munro” and his struggle to break the then land speed record in his home assembled “Indian” motorcycle. The great Anthony Hopkins plays Burt Munro in the best possible way and his subtle charm makes this movie a must watch.
  1. Wild Hogs – This fun movie is perhaps the most popular among all the movies in this list and chances are that many of you have already seen it. The simple story is about middle-aged friends, tired of their humdrum lives, getting together to rekindle their old passion of riding their Harleys and getting into all sorts of trouble. It is an entertaining watch with your friends and family and is sure to lift up your mood. If Easy Rider gave us “Born to be wild”, Wild Hogs gave us “Highway to hell”.
  1. The motorcycle diaries – Now this movie is very close to my heart. It is because of this movie (and the book) that I decided to go for my first motorcycle roadtrip and I have never looked back since then. Even though the motorcycle journey comprises of only about half the movie, it shows how Ernesto Guevara transformed into the iconic “Che” Guevara. Make a young lad watch this movie in his late teens and he will end up being and adventurist more often than not.

There are several other movies based on the biker gang concept of the US like “The Wild One”, “Madmax”, “Torque”, etc. But since I don’t relate to these movies due to the lack of the biker gang concept in our country, I don’t have them here in my list. Now before you start blasting me for not including Kickass documentaries like “Fastest”, “On any Sunday” and our very own “Riding Solo to the Top of the World”, let me reiterate that this list comprises of only the feature films. There is a plethora of excellent motorcycle documentaries and we will come out with a list of that soon. Until then, did we miss out on your favourite motorcycle feature film? Let us know in the comments below.

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