5 kickass reasons to visit Odisha

So now you have bought your new motorcycle, you are pretty psyched about it and you just want to hit the road. Confused about which should be your destination? Well look no further as we at kickassmotorcycling have compiled 5 great reasons why Odisha should be your next kickass biking destination.

1. Wonderful Tarmac in Odisha

Reaching Odisha is a breeze, it is well connected by all the major cities like Kolkata, Vishakhapatnam and the road conditions are a pleasure to ride on. One should never miss the beautiful view Chilika Lake from the NH5. It looks and feels as the roads of Need for Speed (the popular computer game we all loved to play).


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A beer in your hand, some good old music and a wonderful sunset over the Chilika lake, just what you needed to rejuvenate yourself from the riding throughout the day.


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2. Puri Beach

A visit to Puri beach and enjoying some lovely local Odisha cuisine is one thing that no biker should be deprived off.


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Park your bike on the beach and enjoy the beauty of the sea with some delicious fried fishes that you get on the numerous stalls along the beach.

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3. Wildlife in Odisha

Odisha is one of the most kickass destinations if you want to shoot some wildlife with the all expensive camera gear that you carry in your saddle bags ;). From Chilika lake to the beautiful Nandan Kanan from Kuldiha forest to the beautiful Mangalajodi swamps. chilikainner

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A special mention about Vetnai needs to be mentioned here as this is one of the most unique places to see Black Bucks in wild. A small, lesser known village in Orissa’s Ganjam district – Vetnai or Bhetnai holds the specialty that innumerable male and female Black Bucks roams freely at the slopes of the mountain range of Eastern Ghats, making you feel like you might be on the outback of Australia. blackbuck

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4. The lesser known Odisha

Whenever we think of Odisha, instantly few names pop in our minds, Bhubaneswar, Puri, etc. Truth be told there are places in Odisha which as lesser known that these famous tourist destinations but are as beautiful as they come. A visit to the Satkosia Wildlife sanctuary, riding through the Eastern Ghats twisties and riding through dense jungle is surely a kickass bikers dream. IMG_9464-Edit

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Getting lost in the middle of nowhere is what every tourer dreams off and this is just the place where you would experience that feeling.

5. Experience the rich tribal culture

When you take a turn and enter into the state highways or short village roads, is when you realize the rich cultural beauty of Odisha. The number of tribes that reside in Orissa is the highest anywhere in India. It accounts about 22.21% of the total population of the state. People spend so much money and visit Africa to experience tribal tourism, whereas we have such a lovely tribal culture here in Odisha itself.


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A word of caution, these people are very peace loving so its best if you are visiting these regions that you would try and keep the peacefulness.

This is just part 1 of why you should visit Odisha. Stay tuned for the next part because that is going to be even more kickass than you could imagine ;)

Know any more reasons why Odisha should be your next biking destination? We would love to hear from you. Comment below, or if you liked the article show some love and share it ;)

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