5 ways to identify the fake Facebook biker!

The other day I sat in the first ever group discussion of my life during my evaluation to get promoted at work. The topic of that GD was “Facebook is killing minds”. Now I had no idea about what one should say in a GD but I went blasting about my opinion based upon my analysis of The Great Indian Facebook Biker! No wonder I did not get promoted at work but nonetheless I feel it is my responsibility to share with you all my findings from the research so that you can identify the posers and stay away from them for good!


1. The name – The first hint is the name. “drag king” “road killer” “street racer” “stunt king” “killer biker” “biker boy” “rider” “hard rider” are just some of the examples

facebook biker

2. Profile/Cover pictures – Watch out for profile/cover pictures of these “killer bikers” doing random wheelies and stoppies without helmets or posing with superbikes belonging to others.facebook biker

3. Status updates – “Had a hell of a ride of 125 kms to the xyz dhaba – feeling meh”, “creamed the yamaha fazer with my baby duke 200 – feeling great!”, “here is a video of my longest wheelie, did it for 23 seconds! – at xyz flyover – feeling fantastic!” Do I need to say more?

facebook biker

4. Photos – Their photos will be in sync with their status updates. Every “helluva ride” or “first wheelie” will be accompanied by dozens of photos of the same!


5.Bragging rights – Well, their whole idea to get into biking is to get bragging rights. So this goes without saying!


So the next time you find yourself with someone having any of the above qualities, think of yourself as Tom Hanks from Forrest Gump, turn around, and just RUN. You can thank me later.

All images sourced from www.facebook.com

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