how to make kickass travel photos while on a roadtrip

You have planned the most remarkable roadtrip which you have been procrastinating for over a year now. You are almost on the verge of starting your exploration, but hey wait up. Here are a few tips and tricks which might come in handy to document that awe-inspiring trip that you are going to experience and capturing its beauty in the best way possible.

  1. The camera that you have with you is the best camera that you would ever need.

This is the first misconception which is to be corrected. You DO NOT need an expensive DSLR to shoot kickass photographs of your trip, your handy little smartphone is more than capable to taking very good shots. Just point it towards the right direction and towards an interesting subject and BAMM. You’ve got yourself one hell of a photograph.


  1. Remember the technical stuff.

We all do mistakes, some of them like really STUPID ones. Imagine this, you are standing in front of this grand vista picture perfect scenario. You want to take a photograph and go for your camera only to see that you have left your SD Card in the hotel or you have forgotten to recharge the batteries last night. These are a few things that you absolutely have to HAVE to keep in mind if you really want to take some great images. Recharge you batteries, spare batteries each night. Get all the pictures that you have taken backed up in a hard disk or something, you certainly don’t want to lose those precious moments. Always double check before leaving the hotel room of the SD cards and functionality of the camera. All these being checked you should be on your way to making some great photographs.


  1. Start your Ride early and Ride till Dusk.

The best light that nature has to offer is what is known as the magic hour. It’s the time of Sunrise and Sunset and roughly 30mins before and after it respectively. The clouds suddenly become magenta, the sky all bright red. You get to experience VIBGYOR (for the first time after you learnt the term in your high school physics class). The array of colors that is at offer at these times is certainly worth the experience and capturing those special moments in your camera is aptly the right thing to do.



  1. Photograph the experiences of the roadtrip.

Not every photograph you take has to be of a grand vista. A roadtrip is all about the experience of being on the road mixing with different cultures, getting to bear the different kinds of weather. Make a separate album for these kinds of shots which conveys how you felt in those kinds of scenarios. Meeting new people while on the road, take a photo or two of them, or best take a selfie with them. It is these moments that you will cherish for a very long time.


  1. Post Process your images.

I know this might sound a very tedious job, but in reality it is not that hard also. The fact of the matter is our camera’s or smartphones does capture some very good shots, but to make it actually pop, we need to post process them just a teeny-tiny bit. You don’t have to be a photoshop guru to do so, free softwares like Picasa or the photo editing app like snapseed does a pretty good job in doing so. So the next time you post that picture of your bike all alone in the sea beach, give it a little post process magic and be amazed at how much better it actually looks. ( you can look at a review of snapseed over at



Here are just a few basic tips on making some kickbutt photographs during your roadtrips. Do you have any particular pet-peeves which you follow to get better photographs. Do share them in the comments section down below, and make sure to post a link of share an image of the images you had created during your roadtrips. We would love to see that.

Till next time, Happy photographing friends.

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