The Final Hurrah

#thefinalhurrah is my first ride where I updated almost every day about my escapades courtesy the kickass Moto G 2nd Gen which I recently purchased. I even ended up clicking all the pics of this ride on my phone. Come to think of it, I just had an outlook traveler book which had a rickety map of West Bengal inside it during my first ride to Darjeeling not too long ago. Technology has indeed come a long way. It is because of the technology that I have decided to share my experience of riding down South India in a new and unique way. This will be straight from Facebook with a few details added. I hope you enjoy it.  Smiley

Ramneek Singh
October 29 •
I had been contemplating to upgrade my bike since a long time and I thought it was now time to do that. However, I felt Bikey telling me that I have not taken it to South India yet. So, fulfilling its wish tomorrow morning. This is‪ #‎thefinalhurrah‬ for Bikey.. I hope we make it..
—  traveling to South India.

Ramneek Singh
October 30 •
‪#‎thefinalhurrah‬ begins.. Cyco bro.. I hope to meet you at Vizag by day end.. 

Ramneek Singh
October 30 • Edited •
Bikey refused to start at first… Followed by this.. all in the span of the first 10 kms.. Its going to be a fun ride!!  #thefinalhurrah

[Addition] On a regular day to work, a flat tyre would make me annoyed to no extent. But, when you venture into the unknown, giving yourself up to the forces of nature, so much so that you leave it on them to guide you through, you start enjoying these minor hiccups.  Smiley 

Ramneek Singh added 6 new photos.
October 30 at 8:45pm •
‪#‎thefinalhurrah‬ reaches Gopalpur.. Not many problems after the first few hiccups.. Got company of a Harley till Bhubaneswar.. Visited chilka lake on the way.. Sipping beer by the beach now.. 

Ramneek Singh added 2 new photos.
October 31 at 6:11am •
Good morning!!!
— at Gopalpur Beach.

Ramneek Singh
October 31 at 10:31pm •
Reached Vijayawada safely.. Poor network coverage to give full update.. Pondicherry tomorrow..

Finally did meet Cyco the next day

[Big addition] Vijaywada is as chaotic as any other commercial city of our country. I could still manage with the dust, the dirt and the haywire traffic. But it becomes incredibly difficult when one finds all the boards written in an alien language. Add to that the fact that everyone speaks nothing but the alien language and you find yourself in a screwed up situation at 9 pm with nowhere to crash for the night. The karmic forces came to my help when I spot a board with the words “A.C & NON A.C” among a plethora of Tamil letters. But only just. The potbellied receptionist, with a mouthful of guthka told me he had a room for 200 bucks. 10 feet by 4 feet, and that included the bathroom. A creaking fan and a bed sheet with so many stains that I did not dare to ask for another one to cover myself. I slept wearing my jeans and my jacket and was about 20 kms out of Vijaywada when the sky turned crimson at dawn the next day.

Ramneek Singh
November 1 at 2:07pm • Edited •
In the land of the ‪#‎whistlepodu‬.. What a chaotic city!! At Marina Beach, Chennai.

At Marina beach, chennai.

[Addition] Lesson learnt, always have an hour to spare when crossing large cities. The ride on famous the East Coast Road started from Chennai. Smooth single laned road with superfast SUVs and buses, littered with eateries and resorts right till Pondicherry. The only respite was the sea playing hide and seek through the tall coconut trees on my left. Wish I had time to visit Mahaballipuram as well.

Ramneek Singh added 4 new photos.
November 1 at 8:31pm • Edited •
Guess what!! Its Pondicherry’s independence day!! The whole beach is lit up… Talk about timing…
And yet it is NOT a dry day.. Talk about independence…
—  feeling lucky at Le Club, Pondicherry.

Ramneek Singh added 7 new photos.
November 2 at 9:50pm •
Today was “rest-my-bum” day.. Pondicherry is simply amazing.. I wish I had more time in hand.. I will surely come back here again.. Will be back on the road tomorrow to say a hi to our Sri Lankan friends.. Right now sipping LIIT and reading “hot tea across India.”.. The fireworks at the beach for the independence day were a bonus..
— at Le Club, Pondicherry.

[Addition] Ah, what do I say about Pondicherry! Laidback, no one seemed to be in a hurry there.  On one hand there was Auroville and Rishi Aurobindo’s Ashram, cosmic places where one can truly find one’s inner self and on the other hand there were the amazing cafes, the cheap booze, the hippies doing their thing and the oh so beautiful French architecture, a combination of experiences which can also help one to find its inner self without being too spiritual Wink. Accommodation was arranged and sponsored by the good Sab Arish and even a complimentary dinner was thrown in by Mr. Kalaimani, owner of Hotel Dana Orchid in Pondicherry. 

Ramneek Singh added 5 new photos.
November 3 at 9:04pm •
A mixed bag day.. Riding on the rural part of the East Coast Road was a refreshing change from the fast highways.. The storm never left my company.. Had two idlys, two vadas and tea for 15 bucks.. Visited the tranquil danish fort of tranquebar.. Reached Rameshwaram.. Its a funny place.. No one allowed me a room being a single male.. However, got the same when I agreed to shell out a little more.. Saw the Rameshwaram temple which had a quota system of praying.. The more rich u r the better and easier will be your prayer!! I hope more people watch the movie oh my god.. Nevertheless, the ride on the Pamban bridge with the bay of Bengal on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other was a unique experience.. Southernmost tip of India tomorrow..

Ramneek Singh added 3 new photos.
November 4 at 10:07am • Edited •
Dhanushkhodi sangam, Solo. Definitely one of my most difficult rides till date.. Till the end of the land, quite literally.. Behind me, after about 15 kms they say is Sri Lanka.. Bikey did well today.. I m proud of it..

[Addition] It is safe to say that the terrain is difficult when one takes more than four hours to cover a distance of about 20 kms. To be honest, the terrain was back-breakingly difficult. The story that one can see Sri Lanka from the tip is a big myth. But who cares! When you get an entire beach for yourself and the nearest human being to you will take at least an hour to reach where you are. Great place for camping; and self timer photography  Wink 

Ramneek Singh
November 4 at 5:59pm • Cape Comorin • Edited •
That blue dot is where I am standing right now with Bikey. According to Google maps it is the southernmost driveable tip of the Indian mainland.. We made it..
What next?? I have no idea.. Hills, maybe..

Ramneek Singh
November 4 at 7:47pm • Kanyakumari • Edited •
They call this chicken paratha.. Tasted damn good..

[Addition] Each traveler has his own bucket list; and the long one that I have includes the four most extreme points of India. I had touched the westernmost point last year at Kutch. To be honest, this whole ride was largely impulse driven and unplanned. The only destination in my mind when I had started to ride down south was to reach the southernmost possible tip of the Indian mainland with Bikey. That was done. 

The northbound journey back home will be hopefully updated soon. Keep watching this space.  Smiley

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