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[Videolog] Farewell Kolkata Ride

Sometimes, promotions suck! I got promoted at work last year on the condition that I have to relocate to Mumbai. While I was happy with the fact that I was growing in my career, I was unhappy of the fact that I will have to live away from my loved ones. I decided to hit the road with Miss Mallick for a three day ride before relocating and hence the name. My super awesome friends had gifted me a SJCam on my birthday so I thought that it is only fair that I put the brilliant cam to use.

Before you watch the video, here are some details about the ride –

  • Route : Kolkata – Bhubaneshwar – Daringbadi – Rambha.
  • Total distance – around 1600 kms.
  • About Daringbadi – Popularly known as the Kashmir of Odisha, it is one of the many hidden jewels which the state has to offer to travelers. Located at a height of around 3000 feet, it is a quaint little hamlet surrounded by hills and forests on all sides. Places to see include a couple of view points, waterfalls, a coffee plantation, an emu farm and a beautiful silent valley. The road condition from Kolkata is excellent for the first 600 odd kms on the NH 5 but the remaining 150 kms of village roads are not well maintained; there is steep climb on broken roads for the last 50 kms which is a tad challenging. Prior hotel reservation is highly recommended as there are only two places that provide accommodation, one is Deers Eco Resort and the other is Hotel Utopia. We stayed at Hotel Utopia after having a terrible experience at Deers Eco Resort.
  • About Rambha – Rambha forms a part of the Chilka Lake which is the largest brackish water lake in the world. It is believed that Rambha is the best place to enjoy the Chilka Lake. The lake is so huge that you are unable to see where it starts or ends and gives you a feeling that it is a sea. The only thing to do in Rambha apart from relishing on the local catch of fish is to take a boat ride in the lake. The tourism department has named the islands in the lake to increase their significance. Some of the islands are unique while others are downright ridiculous. However, the whole boat ride is a very pleasant experience as the lake is surrounded by small hillocks on all sides. There are a few hotels in Rambha but your best bet is the Odisha government run Panthanibas which is located right at the edge of the lake.
  • All the photographs and videos were shot on the SJCam, the Moto G2, and the Moto E2.
  • The video was edited in one night on windows movie maker.
  • The background song is called “Jag Changa” courtesy The Raghu Dixit Project.

Enjoy the video – (Full screen and good bitrate streaming recommended)

Do you want me to write a travelogue of this ride with all the pictures? I’ll only do it if you say so in the comments below.



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