Who is a biker?

Who is a Biker? This question used to frequently pop in my mind when I was taking baby steps into the beautiful world of motorcycling. It took me a lot of time to realize the answer of this question but it was all quite simple in the end. Since I was more inclined towards touring, I initially thought that a true biker is someone who has traveled long distances, seen exotic places and experienced various cultures all on his motorcycle. I am sure that if I had been more inclined towards stunting then I would have thought that a true biker would be the guy who could sustain his highchair wheelie for the longest duration or something like that. So who really is a true biker? As I said, the answer is quite simple, YOU are! Yes you, you can be any one of the following; and in my eyes you will be completely equal to the other.

The tourer – You travel to far off places, with a bunch of your best biker buddies or with your own company, living the journey as you go. You feel a different connect with the highways and that is precisely where you are at most peace. Experiencing new places, people and cultures come naturally to you and you share a special bond with Mother Nature. We both share the same breed and the most populated one at that. You are a tourer. Yes, you are a BIKER.


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The stunter – You live life off the edge. You master your motorcycle and do things which even you thought would be impossible to do with your bike. You have ridden more kms on one wheel than on two. You realize the danger in your passion and go to every extent to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. You are a stunter. Yes, you are a BIKER.


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The Speed lover – The words “The Doctor” and the number “46” hold a special significance in your life. The track is your temple and you love to practise your passion in your temple the most. You have a terrific control over your machine and swear by the phrase “with great power, comes great responsibility”. You are a Speed lover. Yes, you are a BIKER.


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The Restorer – You bring back dead bikes to life! The best sight for you is a rickety old two wheeler, not moved from the same place for the last decade, having half an inch of dust on the body which is full of rust. The best feeling for you is when you hear that rickety old two wheeler grunt to life. You are a rare breed but among the most passionate. You are a restorer. Yes, you are a BIKER.


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The customizer – You are the most stylish among the lot. Experimenting new and different things come naturally to you. The fact that every bike you put your hands on becomes unique in the whole world is what drives your passion.  You live a colourful life and uninhibitedly so. You are a customizer. Yes, you are a BIKER.


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The moto-geek – You can tell the problem with a bike by merely listening to the sound of it. You swear by words like CC, BHP, Torque, etc and you remember the specs of your favourite bike at the back of your mind. You are the “go-to” man every time your biker friends land up into any motorcycling trouble. You are a moto-geek. Yes, you are a BIKER.


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The moto-historian – You remember the exact year when your favourite bikes were launched. While most of us have never heard of companies like “Henderson Motorcycles”, “Velocette Motorcycles”, “Norton”, “Moto Guzzi”, etc, you know a fair detail about the history of these companies. You have a plethora of old motorcycle magazines in your closet. Calling you an encyclopaedia will not be an understatement by any means. The entire biking community banks upon the knowledge you posses. You are a moto-historian. Yes, you are a BIKER.


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The moto-journal – You know the names and specs of the bikes which are about to be launched in the next couple of years. While the whole world has Facebook, gmail or their work related website as their internet browser’s home page, your homepage has websites which gives latest news about the biking scenario in the country. You swear by new and upcoming reviews and all your friends flock to you whenever they want to buy a new bike. You are a moto-journal. Yes, you are a BIKER.


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The commuter – Don’t get surprised by your inclusion in this list. You are often underrated by your counterparts. You don’t relate to any of the bikers mentioned above yet you find yourself reading this article which only proves that it is only about time when you will find your calling and join the motorcycling world. You love motorcycles and that is all that matters. You are a commuter. Yes, you too are a BIKER.


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It saddens me when I see young lads comparing one biker to the other. For them, every ride is an achievement, an effort to be better than the person riding beside them. They fail to understand the most basic reason for riding; that is FOR THE LOVE OF IT. The day we have more bikers riding for their own self rather than others, we will have a much happier, much tolerant and much more enjoyable riding world. So, for every person who wants to know if he is a biker or not, I just have this small tip, just go ahead and enjoy the ride, you will be a biker, YOU WILL BE THE BIKER!

Ramneek – Born with a wanderlust and a love for telling stories with his words, Ramneek has been riding his puny but humble Pulsar all across the country. He presently pulls himself out his of bed every morning to go to work in a multinational corporation and his biggest desire in life is to live life on the road with his favorite partner. Kickassmotorcycling is his brainchild and he is the creative force behind the website. To get in touch with him click on the "Kickass Team" above.
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